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Media Digest 12-15-09

siobhan 12/15/09
In this edition of the Media Digest you'll find stories about the budget, including a selection of editorials from around the state discussing the Governor's first budget and analyzing possible solutions..
Editorial: Tax hikes should be a last resort | Yakima Herald-Republic I 12-12-2009
We agree with Gov. Chris Gregoire’s assessment of her proposed supplemental budget: It stinks. What we don’t agree on is her insistence that the only other option is to come up with tax increases.
Cheer up: New revenue report only $17 million down I The Olympian I 12-11-2009
The latest report on Washington state revenue collections carries a tad more bad news: a dip in October tax collections that was $17 million below what state revenue forecaster Arun Raha predicted three weeks ago
Editorial: Gregoire's call for deep cuts in state programs merely politics I Walla Walla Union-Bulletin I 12-13-2009
Gov. Chris Gregoire’s proposed state budget released last week calls for gutting core services to the poor, including health care, and suspending programs such as all-day kindergarten as a way to close a projected $2.6 billion budget shortfall.
Opinion: Washington state needs a modern tax system I Seattle Times I 12-13-2009
Washington's tax system is about a century out of date, writes Sen. Rosa Franklin, D-South Tacoma. She urges the Legislature to reform a system that puts undue burden on low- and moderate-income taxpayers, making them choose between making ends meet or making cuts to education and other programs.
Editorial: Why the rush to hike our taxes? I The Daily News I 12-13-2009
Gov. Chris Gregoire's plan for closing Washington's $2.6 billion budget gap without raising new revenue — one she is compelled by state law to submit — has been praised by some pundits. The Seattle Times editorial board called it "a good start to a difficult conversation." Trouble is, the governor appears determined to short-circuit or, at the very least, rush that conversation.
Editorial: Some Principles to Follow I HeraldNet I 12-13-2009
The all-cuts budget released Wednesday by Gov. Chris Gregoire painted the picture she intended. It was ugly, and unacceptable. It effectively made the case for considering some tax increases in the legislative session that starts Jan. 11.
Editorial: Governor's proposed cuts are terrible but necessary I Bellingham Herald I 12-12-2009
The preliminary budget proposal announced by Gov. Chris Gregoire last week calls for drastic cuts in the services offered by the state of Washington.
Editorial: In our view Dec. 11: Whose ‘Revenue'? I The Columbian I 12-11-2009
Gregoire and lawmakers slashed spending in the previous legislative session, and they'll do so again come January. But in this recession, they must shun tax increases and focus on reform.
Editorial: Gregoire’s government reform effort falls short I The Olympian I 12-11-2009
One year ago, when Gov. Chris Gregoire kicked off her effort to streamline state government operations, the question was whether the Legislature would have the stomach to go along with her proposals – as modest as they were.
Democrats won't try income tax this session | Tri-City Herald I 12-11-2009
The state's two top Democrats on Thursday crossed an income tax off their list of potential new revenue sources for the state budget. Gov. Chris Gregoire and Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown, D-Spokane, both said they thought an income tax just won't fly during the upcoming legislative session.