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Media Digest 12-1-2009

Anonymous (not verified) 12/01/09
In this edition of the Media Digest you'll find a lot of stories about the state budget, a story about children's mental health, and one article about Washington's "everything but marriage" law.
Editorial: Democrats shouldn't dance around inevitable budget cuts I Longview Daily News I 12-1-2009
The budget proposal Gov. Chris Gregoire will submit later this
month will contain enough spending cuts to close a $2.6 billion budget
gap that has opened up just six months after the Legislature slashed
state spending to fill most of a $9 billion shortfall. The governor’s
proposed new cuts are likely to inspire shock and awe.
Opinion: State considering tax hikes because there is little fat left | Bellingham Herald I 11-25-2009
Since taking over as the state's chief economist a year ago,
Arun Raha has been charged with answering one basic question from the
politicians he works for: Tell us, doc. How bad is it? Bad. It's always
been bad.
Opinion: Olympia’s biggest problem (hint: It's not the budget deficit) I Crosscut I 11-25-2009
With a state financial crisis developing, this is no time for
tax-dependent legislators to sit around hoping for the best. Guest
columnist, Amber Gunn, is director of the Economic Policy Center for
the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit, public-policy think tank
in Olympia.
Gov. Gregoire on the budget: "If we cut their programs ... they go homeless." I The Capitol Record I 11-25-2009
Gov. Chris Gregoire’s and her budget director Victor Moore
posted this video about the budget. First, Gregoire and Moore give a
brief overview of cuts made last year. Then, Gregoire explains that
there are $2.6 billion more in cuts necessary — but the cuts can’t be
made from 70 percent of the budget, which are protected areas (like
school funding) or federal pass-through money designated for specific
Editorial: Fiscal crisis calls for cooperation I The Olympian I 11-27-2009
A formidable task awaits state lawmakers when they return to
Olympia for the 2010 legislative session. They face the fact that a
2009-11 state budget that required major program and job cuts to match
up with declining revenues won’t be adequate to complete the biennium
Key lawmaker: Reworking state tax code unlikely I Seattle PI Blog: Strange Bedfellows I 11-29-2009
Ross Hunter, the state lawmaker who will play a key role in
dealing with a $2.6 billion budget deficit, turned to a hunting
metaphor to describe the unenviable task awaiting the Legislature.
"You've got to bring out an elephant gun," Hunter said in an interview
last week. "You only shoot things that look like elephants."
Getting 'downstream' treatment dollars diverted 'upstream' I Crosscut I 12-1-2009
Last week the advocacy group Disability Rights Washington
filed a class-action civil rights lawsuit against Washington State on
behalf of children and youth suffering from mental illness. The
complaint cites the state’s failure to provide home- and
community-based services that would effectively address these
children’s health needs.
Some gays seek renewed focus on civil unions | Tri-City Herald I 11-28-2009
In the weeks since Maine voters handed the gay marriage
movement its 27th electoral defeat in five years, other activists have
voiced similar qualms about making marriage their main goal. On the
same day that Maine rejected a gay marriage law approved by its
Legislature, for example, voters in Washington state approved a law
giving same-sex couples or straight older couples who register as
domestic partners all the state rights and responsibilities of
marriage. Washington's so-called "everything but marriage" law passed
by the same margin as Maine's gay marriage rebuff, 53 percent to 48