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Media Digest 1-7-2010

Anonymous (not verified) 01/07/10

In this edition, you'll find articles and editorials about the state budget crunch and solutions some lawmakers have proposed. You'll also read about a successful early learning model from our state and federal support for child care that is failing to reach many low-income families.

Treasurer: State could run out of money by September | Seattle Times I 1-6-2010
Washington state Treasurer Jim McIntire said the state
government is running out of money. "With no improvement in the state's
overall cash position, the entire state treasury could be depleted as
soon as September 2010," McIntire said in a letter sent to Gov. Chris
Gregoire and legislative leaders.
Cash-strapped state to consider job furloughs | The Olympian | 1-7-2010
Lawmakers will consider furloughs, or “temporary layoffs,” as
an option for cutting expenses when they return to Olympia on Monday
for a 60-day session. Legislators face pressure to act quickly to cut
expenses and raise revenue.
State leaders mull major changes I The Columbian I 1-7-2010
Dueling legislative leaders located a narrow strip of common
ground Wednesday as they contemplated a 60-day session that will
require far more than budget tinkering.
Lawmakers need to plug an immediate $2.6 billion budget deficit, but
Republicans and Democrats alike agreed that without major structural
changes in the way the state does business, they’ll confront another
multibillion-dollar deficit in the 2011-13 biennium.
Higher taxes must be on the table, state leaders say I Associated Press I 1-7-2010
The Legislature should consider major government reforms and a
multitude of possible tax hikes — no matter how small — as they try to
solve a $2.6 billion budget deficit, top state officials said
Opinion: Find budget solutions that protect Washington's values I Seattle Times I 1-5-2010
Over the years, Republicans in Washington have persistently
suggested ideas to make government less costly and more efficient.
Democratic leaders have embraced some of our ideas, including creating
a "rainy-day fund." Today we suggest a few more ideas that, if
implemented, will help protect struggling Washingtonians from new taxes
when they can least afford them.
Editorial: Tax increases should be last resort I The Daily News I 1-7-2010
Sens. Rosa Franklin, D-Tacoma, and Joe McDermott, D-Seattle,
this week introduced legislation aimed at creating a state income tax.
With working Washingtonians squeezed to the max by the recession, we
certainly didn't see this ill-timed proposal coming. But we probably
should have, given the headlong rush these past few weeks by so many
Democratic lawmakers to embrace a partial tax remedy for the state's
budget dilemma.
Early Learning Success Built on What Was There, Not New Schools: The Bremerton Model I Birth to Thrive Online I 1-6-2010
The early learning world is full of shiny new studies,
proposals and expanding ambition. But Washington State’s own city of
Bremerton offers a reminder that success is often built on what exists
in child care and preschools rather than on completely new models and
Poor Families Miss Out on Child Care Support. Will Congress Expand Aid in 2010? I Birth to Thrive Online I 1-5-2010
Congress is likely to debate child care support this year and
while new ideas will emerge legislators may want to work on existing
federal tools that are not working too well, a new report says. Thanks
to various design elements the $3-plus billion Child and Dependent Care
Tax Credit doesn’t reach those who need it most, poor working families.