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Media Digest 1-26-2010

Anonymous (not verified) 01/26/10

In this edition you'll find stories and editorials about the latest proposals for cuts and new revenue that state lawmakers are weighing, including how cuts to the state budget could cost Washington federal money. You'll also read a story featuring the daughter of Children's Alliance member Vicky McIntyre highlighting the importance of protecting our state's investment in Apple Health for Kids.

The one-two punch: How budget cuts could cost WA federal money I Schmudget I 1-25-2010
When the state makes deep cuts in health care such as those
proposed in the Governor’s budgets, the cuts from state sources are
only part of the story. Here’s why. Most state efforts to provide
health care for children, lower income families, the elderly, and
people with disabilities are funded through federal/state partnerships.
Lawmakers propose candy tax to help fill budget hole I HeraldNet I 1-26-2010
Taxing chocolate bars to fund public health programs and
nibble away at the state's budget deficit may be something Gov. Chris
Gregoire can stomach. On Monday, she said extending sales tax to candy
won't harm the state's economic recovery — a key criteria she will use
in deciding what taxes she'll back to help fill the $2.6 billion hole
in the budget.
Olympia lawmakers eye Oregon for tax lessons I Crosscut I 1-25-2010
Last summer the legislatures of Oregon and Washington took
very different tacks while attempting to balance recession-wracked
budgets. The Oregon legislature passed two major tax bills to raise
about $727 million; the Washington legislature rejected tax increases
in hopes of finding other ways to avoid a 2010 meltdown.
State lawmakers advance furlough, wage freeze and job cut measures | The Associated Press | 1-23-2010
The Legislature moved ahead Friday in taking some early steps
to save money as lawmakers continue grappling with a $2.6 billion
budget deficit. The Senate approved a measure that directs agencies to
trim about $70 million in payroll costs through furloughs and other
steps. The measure, Senate Bill 6503, passed on a 27-17 vote and now
heads to the House for further consideration.
Editorial: Lawmakers' plates are full, but there's no need to rush I The Daily News I 1-25-2010
All attention in Olympia seems to be riveted on the
supplemental budget bill just beginning to take shape. But that
work-in-progress may not be the most important bill to come out of this
short session. House Bill 2872 — aptly named the Budget Sunshine Act —
would bring a welcome transparency to spending bills for countless
legislative sessions to come.
Health coverage can be as precarious as children's health I Say Ahhh! I 1-26-2010
The image of sweet little Sarah McIntyre immediately came to
mind as I read the Pediatrics Journal's study that showed that children
with special health care needs were 57% less likely to be uninsured in
2005 than those in 2001. The Pediatrics report is great news but it
should be taken with a dose of caution. But those gains can be as
precarious. Without continued vigilance, this trend could rapidly
Americans Struggle to Afford Food, Survey Finds I The New York Times I 1-26-2010
Nearly one in five Americans said they lacked the money to buy
the food they needed at some point in the last year, according to a
survey co-sponsored by the Gallup organization and released Tuesday by
an anti-hunger group.
Senate bill would give relatives more rights in child welfare cases | KING 5 TV | 1-21-2010
A series of stories by the KING 5 Investigators is leading to
potential changes in state law, giving relatives more rights in child
welfare cases. The "Alexis Stuth Bill" was heard before a senate
sub-committee in Olympia Thursday. It stems from a three-year battle
between the state and an Enumclaw couple over their granddaughter.
Quality Early Learning Saves Money Now, New Reports Say I Birth to Thrive Online I 1-25-2010
We have a lot of research on early learning’s long-term
returns – more college degrees, better salaries and higher
homeownership rates – but a new report says there are more immediate
reasons for states to invest in preschool and pre-kindergarten.
Editorial: Prekindergarten must be part of basic education I The Olympian I 1-24-2010
The 2010 legislative session is a pivotal time for early
childhood learning in this state. Lawmakers must include the
prekindergarten years as part of basic education and continue to fund
programs that prepare children and families for the early school years.