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Media Digest 01-15-2011

Christina 01/15/11

In this edition, Tacoma News Tribune columnist Peter Callaghan asks Gov. Gregoire and state lawmakers to re-evaluate what we really know about Washington voters. Meanwhile, tough times in King County prevail with a 50 percent reduction in Maternity Support Services, and advocates on the national level explain what health care reform means for kids.

Sorry governor, but I’m not sure what voters said | Tacoma News Tribune | 01-13-2011
I’m going to admit something embarrassing. It likely will get me drummed out the press corps and could lead to a permanent ban from entering the state Capitol Campus and perhaps the entire county of Thurston. But I can no longer live a lie, so here goes: I don’t know what the voters said last November. As such, I’m not ready to join in broad statements about what the election meant, what voters believe, what mandates were delivered or rescinded.
Obama Administration Rewards Apple Health for Kids with $17.6 million | Seattle’s Child Magazine | 01-11-2011
Staff at the Children's Alliance, an advocacy organization, are urging state policymakers to use the bonus award to sustain Apple Health for Kids for all eligible children in Washington. They are calling upon Gov. Christine Gregoire and state lawmakers to use these funds to avoid the proposed loss of coverage for 27,000 children slated for March 1. More information about the performance bonus can be accessed through the Children’s Alliance’s fact sheet ( which also includes responses from Gov. Gregoire, legislative leaders and health advocates.
King County Lays Off Public Health Workers | KUOW News Radio | 01-14-2011
Patty Hayes is executive director of WithinReach, a statewide nonprofit that helps connect families to health resources. She understands the Legislature has to make some tough decisions during these economic times.
Hayes: "But I would argue that programs that are helping families be successful prenatally and immediately after that child's birth, the research has shown that that's where we get huge bang for the buck and should be prioritized."
State budget cuts hit King County Public Health Maternity Support Services | The Covington Reporter | 01-14-2011
“These cuts, as proposed, are devastating. We recognize the challenge that state leaders face in closing the budget gap, but these cuts will have enormous implications for our community, and may lead to the additional loss of federal funds,” King County Executive Dow Constantine said. “We want to work with the state to reinvent how we protect public health so we can mitigate the impact of these cuts.”
Health Reform Under Threat | The Huffington Post | 01-12-2011
Ensuring children access to comprehensive health coverage is one of the smartest, most cost-effective choices our country can make. The hidden costs of not insuring children include high costs of uncompensated care for those without insurance; use of costly emergency room care instead of early access to primary care; long term treatment of preventable illnesses; and the costs of untreated emotional problems in children whose unmet needs bring them to the child welfare or juvenile justice systems.
10 Reasons Why Repealing Health Care Reform Would Harm Children | The Huffington Post | 01-08-2011
While there are a wide array of opinions about health care reform and its impact, it is indisputable that our nation's children, especially low-income children and those with special health care needs, are better off today because of the new law. Repealing health reform would be devastating for these the millions children and families who already are or soon will benefit from this historic legislation.
Class Struggle – Increasing learning time with free breakfast | The Washington Post | 01-14-2011
"School breakfast improves children's diets, increases school achievement and positive student behavior, reduces obesity and builds lifelong healthy eating habits," the report said. Those are the effects of good nutrition, augmented by moves to reduce sugar and trans fats in the free breakfast menu. They failed to mention what intrigues me: the possibility that free breakfast for all could add at least 30 minutes of learning time to the school day.