Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

March a great month for school breakfast

Adam 03/01/12


Next week, schools across the country will be celebrating school breakfast week with new menu items, fun promotions and, most importantly, great nutrition.

Here in Washington several school districts are taking the Fuel Up First with Breakfast Challenge and have pushed their school breakfast promotions a few steps further.

Seattle Public Schools has partnered with the Children’s Alliance and Public Health - Seattle & King County to launch the “Go For the Gold” breakfast campaign. Instead of just promoting the most important meal of the day for one week, they are championing school breakfast all month.

Over at White Center Elementary School in the Highline School District, they also have a month of school breakfast promotions lined up. Both school districts are touting the benefits of school breakfast in order to remind kids and parents that a healthy nutritious breakfast, coupled with regular exercise and a balanced diet, can boost academic success and overall well-being.

We know how great breakfast is for kids. Children who eat breakfast do better on standardized tests, get better grades, are better able to concentrate in school, can more easily complete complex tasks and are more likely to be a healthy weight. Data even suggests that kids who eat breakfast at school are more likely to score higher on standardized tests than their classmates who skipped breakfast or ate at home.

School breakfast is a great option for all families and this month’s breakfast promotions are sure to be phenomenal. To learn more about the Fuel Up First with Breakfast Challenge or the promotions at Seattle and Highline School Districts, contact Nadiya Beckwith-Stanley.