Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Lending our voice to the call for new revenue

Anonymous (not verified) 01/15/10


At a news conference convened by the Rebuilding Our Economic Future Coalition, the Children’s Alliance joined parents and teachers in urging our state lawmakers to raise significant new revenue to protect kids and schools.

Don Scaramastra video

Parents talked about increasingly crowded classrooms that make it harder for their kids to learn. Teachers talked about staff layoffs and cuts that limit their ability to students succeed.

Don Scaramastra, a board member of the Children’s Alliance (a member of the Rebuilding Our Economic Future Coalition) stressed the importance of early learning programs such as Working Connections Child Care, which faces a nearly $50 million cut. Without Working Connections, an estimated 7,000 families could lose or be denied the child care they need to keep or find jobs.

Watch this short video, which closes with this comment from Scaramastra: