Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

The KIDS COUNT in Washington Racial Equity Policy Tool

Adam 03/30/15


Our public policies—the laws, budgets, rules and other decisions of elected representatives—can either help kids succeed or put obstacles in their path. Racial equity assessment tools can shape our public choices so that they enhance every child’s access to opportunity. 

In partnership with the Washington state Budget & Policy Center, we at Children’s Alliance have produced a toolkit that allows policymakers and members of the public to ask questions about the effect of a proposed policy on closing the opportunity gap.

The Racial Equity Policy Tool is designed to help users ask questions such as:

  • How will the proposal address the opportunity gap that exists for children of color and children in low-income households?
  • Has the proposal been developed in consultation with members of our state’s diverse communities?
  • Once enacted, how will we measure the proposal’s effects?

The questions are intended to prompt all Washington adults who use it to thought and action, and to improve the odds of success of any enacted policy.

The toolkit builds off of previous, similar assessment guides issued by other organizations and government entities, from the Annie E. Casey Foundation to King County. It’s intended to help refine our ability, as engaged Washingtonians, to create equal opportunity for kids. 

We ask that you use the tool; when you do, please tell us what you think.

Find the tool at KIDS COUNT in Washington.