Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Good jobs: A great way to end childhood hunger

Adam 04/05/16
Childhood hunger

The Children’s Alliance has endorsed Initiative 1433 for a higher minimum wage and paid sick leave all across the state of Washington. More about the endorsed Initiative 1433.

Why YES on 1433? Here’s why. 

Children’s Alliance staff, volunteers and community partners recently re-imagined the future of our work to end childhood hunger. Among our conclusions were these: One way to fight hunger broadly, as well as improve the health, well-being and learning of Washington’s kids, is by erasing disparities across race and ethnicity. And, good jobs are a great way to end hunger.

Higher wages and access to paid sick leave stabilize families and help kids grow up healthy and strong. Approximately 1 in 5 children in our state live in poverty and face long-term barriers to success in school and in life. As this chart shows, Washington’s children of color are more likely to experience poverty than are White children. That’s because the adults in their households have fewer opportunities to work in the good jobs with benefits that are the cornerstone of American prosperity.

In less than nine months, Initiative 1433 would raise incomes for the families of more than 88,000 of our state’s children. Higher earnings would make a significant difference for all those children, and a particular difference for children in families of color contending with discrimination and other barriers to good jobs. And paid sick leave would ensure a greater number of children have a caregiver at home when they’re sick—which is one reliable way to make sure kids are back on their feet as soon as possible.

Raising the minimum wage and guaranteeing paid leave ensures that all families—in particular, those who have been barred for years from the positive power of good jobs—are a step closer to opportunity and prosperity. All children deserve to rest assured that a loving parent or caregiver can stay home to care for them when they’re sick, and that there’s enough healthy food each day for them to thrive.

We urge a YES vote on Initiative 1433.

To join the campaign, or for more information, visit Raise Up Washington at their web site or on Facebook.