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Food Stamps are the most effective economic stimulus

siobhan 08/04/09

Leading economists have analyzed the impact of various economic stimulus efforts, and food stamps come out on top, as reported by the CBS Evening News. 

“An increase in monthly payments to food stamp recipients under the stimulus package has had far-reaching effects for the economy. Experts say that food stamps provide more stimulus than infrastructure spending or tax cuts.”

The story highlights farmers and grocers in California and New York who are seeing their own businesses begin to recover thanks to the boost in spending on food by low-income families.

This is good news for the economy, and for families. But of course, underlying the positive is the painful reality of hunger. (For a dose of this reality, take a look at some mom’s first hand accounts of their struggles to feed their kids in this “Witness to Hunger” video.).

As we've blogged here before, kids and families in Washington state are turning to food stamps in record numbers. Ensuring that access to food stamps is easy for eligible families is among the top goals in the Children’s Alliance plan to end childhood hunger in Washington by 2015.

You can see the full article, and the comparison of “Fiscal Stimulus Bang for the Buck” provided by Moody’s on the CBS Evening News website.