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Extra Medicaid funds coming Washington’s way tomorrow

siobhan 02/24/09

President Barack Obama is releasing the first installment of more than $339 million in new Medicaid dollars included in the stimulus package to states tomorrow (Wednesday, February 25). Washington state stands to receive more than $2 billion over the next 22 months on top of the federal Medicaid funds that normally flow into our state. This additional health care money should be used for health care programs, particularly to protect key health programs that are facing cuts in the state budget. (See the statement to this effect from the Washington State Hospital Association.) It’s also worth noting that Washington state needs to maintain current eligibility standards

to draw down the additional funds. You can find the White House press release here. And, the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services has a state-by-state breakdown of the first installment of $15 billion available to states.         

You can read a blog post by Adam Wilson, political reporter for The Olympian, about the new funds for Washington State.