Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Data, maps and more!

Ruth 08/17/09

Our partners at Washington KIDS COUNT let us know about a new Data Center the national KIDS COUNT organization has created.

It’s a powerful resource, with hundreds of measures of child and family well-being at national, state and county levels. Things you can do without knowing data analysis software include: 

  • Rank states, cities, and other geographic areas on key indicators of child well-being;
  • Generate customized maps and trend lines that show how children are faring for use in presentations or publications (or in the media); and
  • Feature automatically updated maps and graphs on your own website.

Included in the data you can get at the Washington state-level are demographics, education, economic well-being, health, and safety and risk behaviors. Many indicators are broken out by race, ethnicity, gender, and income.

Check it out. The URL is And look for some new maps on our own No Kidding! blog!