Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Candidates should know: Baby-kissing’s not enough

Christina 08/28/12


The race is on for the future of Washington’s kids.

This month’s primary election has carved out the top two candidates for public office in districts across the state. Those who win will make policy decisions that affect your life, the life of a child you care about, and the lives of 1.5 million kids in Washington.

Now’s the time to tell candidates what’s at stake for kids. The Children’s Alliance has sent educational materials to every legislative candidate in the state to inform them about child hungercovering all kidsimproving access to dental care and early learning. Now we need your help.

Hard times have hurt Washington’s kids. Since the start of the recession, 65,000 more children are living in poverty. But good decisions by lawmakers in the past have paved a healthier future for kids. Even in hard times, the number of uninsured Washington children has dropped 25 percent since 2005.

And it wasn’t just baby-kissing that got us there, but real action by elected officials with the knowledge and courage to do the right thing. We need tomorrow’s elected officials to follow suit. Our issue briefs are a way of presenting politicians with the information they need to pursue real, long-term strategies to create the future our kids deserve.

In the coming months, Children’s Alliance will be hard at work making sure kids are a priority this election season. Working in partnership with Voices for America’s Children, we’ve joined a nationwide effort to keep kids’ needs and futures front-and-center by educating voters and candidates, and supporting those who care about kids to do the same.

Let’s make sure candidates are doing more than kissing babies to show they care for kids. It’s easy! Sign up for the Vote for Kids Action Team, and you’ll get opportunities to put kids first this election season.