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Breaking down the state's recession budget

Ruth 11/20/09

The Washington State Budget & Policy Center has put together a slideshow about our economic problems and what they mean for the state budget. At 12 minutes, the slideshow is not for the faint-of-heart or short-of-attention-span. But if you really want to know why revenues are down by billions of dollars and all the core programs we'd have to eliminate if we used only cuts to get out of this mess, invest the time.

Among the highlights:

  • Washington has lost 134,700 jobs since February 2008.
  • Revenue from retail sales taxes are down more than 10 percent.
  • 70 percent of the state budget can't be cut because of state law and federal requirements for the $3.2 billion in federal funds we used last year to save essential programs.

The Children's Alliance agrees that we need a balanced approach to the state budget -- one that includes raising revenue -- and we have prioritized the issue for the coming legislative session.

Note: Don't click on the large black arrow on the right-hand side. It skips forward to the second slide. Use the green "play" button on the bottom.

-Ruth Schubert