Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Agriculture industry gives Apple Health for Kids a boost

Christina 08/06/12


Apple Health for Kids provides health care for 4 out of 10 of our state’s children. Yet more than 100,000 children remain uninsured – less likely to get the health care they need to grow up well and succeed in school. A key player in Washington’s apple industry wants to take a bite out of that problem.

Pink Lady USA, manager of the brand name for the popular crisp apple variety, is starting a public-awareness campaign in the apple warehouses dotting the Columbia River basin of central Washington. The objective: to connect more children with Apple Health for Kids’ affordable, comprehensive, award-winning coverage.

Pink Lady USA brand manager Alan Taylor says that Apple Health for Kids can benefit the children of parents who work in Central Washington’s large agricultural workforce. Flyers will be distributed in Spanish at apple warehouses starting this fall.

Taylor explained the reasons for Pink Lady’s involvement:

"When we happened upon the name 'Apple Health for Kids' attached to a state health insurance program our curiosity was of course elevated," says Alan Taylor, Pink Lady America marketing director. "Anytime we see children and apples linked together, with our efforts directed toward healthy eating for young people, we like to be a part of it."

"Health care coverage doesn’t just help when your children are sick," Taylor said. "It also covers preventative care like immunizations, physical exams, and dental check-ups."

We agree: Apple Health for Kids gives hundreds of thousands of children the chance to achieve their full potential. Right now, Washington kids of Latino background are far more likely than other children to be without health coverage. No child should go without the health care they need. We’re glad to see the agricultural sector shares in the commitment to healthy kids.