Have a Heart for Kids Day rally, 2015

Mission & Values


Our mission is to improve the well being of children by effecting positive changes in public policies, priorities, and programs.


Our vision is that all of Washington's children will have what they need to grow up to be the people they dream of becoming.

Core Values:


Children Have Rights!
Every child regardless of race, culture or economic status, has a right to protection, nurture, encouragement, support and opportunity. It is not a matter of charity but rather of justice. As adults, we are individually and collectively responsible for the well being of children.

Early Investment Pays The Highest Dividends!
What we do today, or fail to do, has long term implications. We need to act now to assure a better future for our children.

Democracy Works!
We have a right and responsibility to make our government responsive to children by advocating for equitable treatment and opportunity for people from all backgrounds, abilities and needs.

We Value Diversity!
We actively support the diverse gifts, strengths and needs of each member of the community.