Heart Day 2015

Oral Health: Vital to Overall Health

At the dentistToo many children and families suffer from poor oral health. This can lead to pain and suffering that negatively affects learning, nutrition, and lifelong health and well-being.

Dental disease is a serious problem for children. It is the most common childhood disease affecting five times as many children as asthma. Here in Washington, children of color are experiencing this disease more often than their white or low-income peers.

A problem we can solve

The vast majority of oral disease is preventable. And, despite recent progress, our state’s dental care system is fragmented and inadequate to ensure all children are served with consistent oral health care. Improving oral health will require solutions on a variety of levels:

  • Improve education about oral health, including ways to access care.
  • Grow the number of dental care providers serving Apple Health for Kids enrollees.
  • Increase the number of dental care providers through the addition of a proven workforce-based solution.

Join the Washington Dental Access Campaign

WDAC supports a workforce solution that meets the needs of our most vulnerable populations including children, seniors, and low-income adults. Learn more.

Visit our resources and references page to learn more about access to oral health care.