Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020


Children's Alliance works across a number of multi-year campaigns to change policy for kids. 


Adult and child sitting together reading a bookOur goal is to create an early learning system that supports families by making sure they have high-quality options for their children’s early care and learning—whether their children spend their days at home, in formal child care, or with family and friends.

We choose policy priorities that create racial equity, undo the damage caused by racism and support families of color. We recognize that we can only improve the lives of ALL children if we start with those furthest from opportunity.

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Children holding a sign Every Washingtonian should be able to get dental care when they need it. For far too many families, particularly low-income families and people of color, timely and routine oral health care is out of reach. 

Dental therapists can help change that. By authorizing dental therapists, Washington state can expand access to dental care where it is most out of reach. The high-quality care provided by dental therapists can increase access to culturally responsive, community-based care, and create good-paying jobs. 

Children's Alliance is working with a coalition of over 40 statewide organizations to encourage our legislators to authorize dental therapists. 

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Children holding a Children's Alliance bannerWashington’s tax structure benefits the very rich. The tax code relies on sales, property, and business taxes—and allows corporations and the wealthy to avoid paying their share. When those of us with the least to spare are asked to pay the greatest share, state revenue is often insufficient to pay for the things we all need: good schools, health care and quality early opportunities.

We're advocating for progressive, sustainable revenue sources, such as a capital gains tax, so that we can create more for all to share—and also further racial justice.

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