Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Outreach Task Force Update

Attached are the notes from the latest Outreach Task Force meeting as well as some draft reference documents that might be useful as we develop a New Coalition Member Toolkit and identify specific organization we want to do outreach with.

The focus of this group is on organizations that would become members of the coalition, though we wouldn't limit anyone to this! We want to make sure people understand the different ways they can participate with our coalition, even if they don't have time to be members so we talked about how to create those opportunities.

For those who do become members, we decided that we should have some standard materials that we're able to provide to people when they consider becoming or become members of the coalition (some listed in notes) and that we should pursue having a quarterly new member lunch directly after the ELAA mtg to have a chance for informal face to face and answer questions.

The next steps for this larger group

  1. Identify one or two organizations that you feel you could make contact with and would be a positive member of the coalition. You'd make the invite, providing the information we're putting together, and we'd invite the organization to come to an ELAA meeting with an opportunity for a new member networking opportunity (I'm thinking August would be our first chance).
  2. Suggest materials you think would be helpful for new members to have
  3. Help with the member org directory compilation
  4. Offer other suggestions

We have some unanswered questions and some work to do to prep the materials, but we're moving forward!