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ELAA 2010 Campaign Teams

In a desire to be more nimble and effective during session, the coalition has decided to form campaign teams around each agenda item, made up of volunteering coalition organizations (including the orgs with which ELAA has a formal partnership agreement). See attached document for a list of Campaign Teams and their membership.  If you would like to be part of a particular campaign team, and are not listed on the attached document, please contact identified leads.

What is the purpose of these campaign teams?

Campaign Teams are empowered to act as a group on behalf of ELAA during legislative session as long as their actions are consistent with the ELAA legislative agenda. It is the responsibility of campaign teams to work together to ensure legislative agenda consistency and unity.

Campaign Team Protocol

If a campaign team determines it needs to modify the substance of legislative agenda* the following protocol would be set in motion:

  1. Recommendations from the campaign team go to the Steering Committee to revise that issue on the ELAA agenda.
  2. If the ELAA agenda changes, coalition organizations will be asked to review and opt-in to signing on to the new agenda. If the agenda changes during session, please do your best to respond quickly to requests for review and opt-in.
  3. As a result, the campaign team would again be empowered to act as they see necessary to forward the ELAA agenda item and would list all organizations who have opted-in to the ELAA agenda.
    • Example: The Budget/Revenue Campaign Team is empowered to include the general call for revenue in materials/actions, consistent with the ELAA Agenda. If the broader coalition of orgs (outside of ELAA) working on revenue package proposals comes out with a specific request of revenue options the Budget/Revenue Campaign Team would discuss and determine whether the ELAA agenda should change to join the broader coalition re: revenue. If so, ELAA’s Steering Committee would take up the issue and decide what, if anything, to revise on ELAA’s agenda. If a change happened, an email notice would go out to the full coalition alerting of the change and asking coalition organizations to opt-in. The Budget/Revenue Campaign Team would then be empowered to act as necessary on the newly agreed upon revenue statement.
    • Small changes (for example: bill number adds or changes) that do not impact the ELAA agenda in a substantive way will not be considered as changes to the agenda that require Steering Committee approval and would not trigger this protocol.