Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020


The Anti-Hunger and Nutrition Coalition is a broad group of organizations and individuals dedicated to reducing hunger and improving access to healthy food for all people in Washington. The coalition brings the voices of hungry Washington families to the ears of our policy makers. The Coalition advocates for legislative change to address hunger and nutrition. It hosts an annual Hunger Action Day to highlight the issues facing hungry families in Washington and bring their stories to legislators in the position to make change that reduces hunger.

Coalition History

The Anti-Hunger and Nutrition Coalition was formed in 1990.

Over the years, the coalition has successfully advocated for strategic policy and state appropriations to maximize federal nutrition programs, reinforce our community-based emergency food assistance system, and link local farmers to efforts to feed the hungry.

In 1997 the coalition led and won a coordinated campaign to prevent children and families who are legal immigrants from being denied food stamps. Coordinated advocacy helped pass the 2004 Act for Hungry Families. In 2006 the coalition successfully worked to end the co-pay low-income parents pay for school breakfast in grades K-3. In 2008 the coalition successfully pushed for expansion of access to food stamps and the passage of the Local Farms Healthy Kids law.


Members of AHNC include statewide associations of food banks, nutrition professionals, and advocates, as well as local programs serving hungry families and children.