Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020


Questions to Ask Candidates for the Washington State Legislature

State lawmakers can take important steps to improve kids’ lives in the 2019 state legislative session. Candidates for the Washington state legislature will make critical choices for our kids if they are elected in November. Their choices can help kids have great childhoods and grow up strong, and advance racial equity and opportunity for all our kids.

Three Washingtonians speak up for dental care

Read the experiences of three Washingtonians who are speaking up to improve access to dental care.

“It’s about what the people need. It’s hard to get dental care, and this new provider could fill the gap and reach more people who need preventative care so they don’t face the kind of problems I am facing.”  - Kim Rice, Vancouver

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Policy Paper - 2009 Session: Childhood Hunger

The Children's Alliance 2009 End Childhood Hunger policy paper lays out our priorities for the 09 legislative session: support struggling families to provide at least two meals a day.