Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

2013 Legislative Session

Champions for Children

Champions for Children are state lawmakers recognized by the Children’s Alliance for their outstanding service on behalf of children.

To be honored as a Champion for Children, a state lawmaker must provide significant leadership in protecting or advancing state policies or investments that improve the well-being of children in Washington.

Washington legislators: What will YOU do?

On June 4th, Washingtonians asked their legislators to Stand Strong for Kids when they make choices in state budget negotiations. See photos of them standing up for Washington values in these five PDF documents:

Make a sign: Stand Strong for Washington's Kids

A collage combining the photos submitted at the June 4 Voices for Children luncheon will be sent to all state legislators and Governor Inslee with a request that they stand strong for kids.

Here's a preview of just a few of the many beautiful photos submitted!



Children, Opportunity and State Food Assistance

No child should go hungry in our state. The Washington State Legislature has the opportunity to restore full State Food Assistance benefits for children and families in the 2013-15 Biennial Budget. Learn more about State Food Assistance.

Strengthen Apple Health for Kids

To contribute to our state’s future, children need the competitive edge of a great education. Apple Health for Kids helps children stay healthy and able to learn. Our priority for the 2013 legislative session is to reverse unaffordable monthly premiums imposed on hundreds of children in immigrant families. Learn more.

Expand Access to High-Quality Early Learning

High-quality early learning lays a foundation for a strong future. But too many young children still don’t get a chance to build the fundamental brain architecture that allows them to thrive in school and in life. Washington policymakers should:

Expand ECEAP by 1,500 children in the upcoming
biennium and work toward the legislature’s commitment
of full implementation by 2018

Make a simultaneous investment in targeted, voluntary,
comprehensive programs for infants and toddlers at
greatest risk of academic failure.

Expand Access to High-Quality Child Care Pass HB 1671/SB 5595

Science tells us that, long before they reach kindergarten, children lay down the mental foundation for future learning. When we fail to surround young children with quality opportunities to build that foundation, it’s much harder for them to catch up later. Child care providers want the best for children in their care, but they need resources to improve and maintain quality. Investments now can lead to benefits for children, families, and society in the future. Chart a path for increasing access to high-quality care that includes:

Hungry Minds Need Healthy Food

When children are forced to skip meals, or can’t access high quality nutrition, their performance in school suffers. Learn more about the link between childhood nutrition and academic achievement.

Agenda Legislativa de 2013

Nuestra 2013 agenda legislativa piede que legisladores:

  • Combatir el hambre infantil;
  • Invertir en la educación temprana;
  • Fortalecer a Apple Health for Kids;
  • Expandir el acceso al cuidado dental;
  • Poner un alto a los recortes e incremente el ingreso.

Lea nuestra agenda legislativa.

Position Statement: WSDA House of Delegates proposal

Out-of-date laws are keeping Washingtonians from receiving the oral health care that is vital to their overall health.

Modernizing our laws will free up dentists with a proven workforce-based solution: a mid-level oral health care provider who will deliver the routine care and oral health education that families need.