Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

2011 Legislative Session

Champions for Children

Champions for Children are state lawmakers recognized by the Children’s Alliance for their outstanding service on behalf of children.

To be honored as a Champion for Children, a state lawmaker must provide significant leadership in protecting or advancing state policies or investments that improve the well-being of children in Washington.

The Facts about State Food Assistance

The state legislature reduced funding for State Food Assistance (SFA) by half for the current biennium. A court order is in place prohibiting the benefit reduction, however, pending the outcome of an equal protection and due process lawsuit on behalf of SFA recipients. Gov. Christine Gregoire has again proposed to eliminate the program.

Download The Facts about State Food Assistance to learn more.

Protecting Kids in Tough Times: Our Work in the 2011 Legislative Session

The 2011 legislative session had far-reaching consequences for the public systems and services we all rely on. Lawmakers made decisions that dimmed the prospect of a brighter future for our children. Yet thanks to smart and persistent advocacy by the Children’s Alliance and our partners, some vital services for kids were protected.

Together with families and allies across the state, we preserved health care, child care and anti-hunger programs that continue to make a difference in the well being of Washington’s children.

To learn more about our work this session, watch this short slideshow on what we accomplished:

New estimates show more federal funds for Apple Health for Kids

New estimates from the Children’s Alliance reveal that Washington state is in line to receive $80 million in federal Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (CHIPRA) Performance Bonus funds in the next two years. Congress has appropriated funds for these bonuses through 2013. Read more about it here.

Press Release: Thousands lose income assistance today

Today the Department of Social and Health Services stops the payment of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) to more than 5,000 families raising approximately 10,000 children across the state.

“Today is a sad day for the state of Washington,” says Children’s Alliance Deputy Director Jon Gould. “The recession has already pushed 40,000 of Washington’s children into poverty. Now, one of the public structures that helps families survive hard times is being dismantled when it is needed most.”

Fact sheet: Apple Health for Kids

Covering all kids made sense in good times; it makes even more sense in hard times. Apple Health for Kids — Washington’s children’s health insurance program  — is a proven success and a lifeline to struggling families during this Great Recession. Read our fact sheet on Apple Health for Kids.

Why we support mid-level dental providers

HB 1310 would create a new, licensed mid-level dental provider to help improve access for low-income, uninsured, and disadvantaged Washingtonians who have untreated oral health needs. Our fact sheet counters some common myths and misperceptions about dental therapists. Download a copy.

Fact sheet: HB 1310

Washington state faces a critical lack of access to oral health care. House Bill 1310 offers the opportunity to bring quality, affordable dental care to those most in need. Here's how.

Protegiendo el Programa de Apple Health for Kids

Apple Health for Kids es un seguro médico integral para los niños del Estado de Washington. 

Los tiempos económicos difíciles están impactando los presupuestos familiares y también el presupuesto estatal.  La gobernadora y los legisladores de nuestro estado tienen el trabajo de equilibrar el presupuesto estatal.

La gobernadora ha propuesto un recorte para Apple Health for Kids lo que significaría que quitaría la cobertura a 27,000 niños y los dejaría sin acceso a tener un seguro médico accesible. 

Protecting State Food Assistance

The State Food Assistance (SFA) program helps put food on the table for nearly 15,000 Washington kids.  

SFA mirrors the rules and benefits of the federal food stamp program (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP); with the exception that SFA covers documented immigrants who are barred from the federal program. State Food Assistance Benefits average about $114 per month.