Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Families win with state’s new paid leave law

Adam 12/26/19

As the new year starts, young families across Washington state have reason to celebrate. Starting January 1, working parents can take up to 12 weeks off work to bond with the newest member of their households. 

That’s good news for babies, parents and businesses, since paid leave reduces employee turnover and improves health outcomes for all members of the family. And it’s also a boon for foster and adoptive families welcoming a new child, of any age, into the home.

Washington’s law is one of the strongest in the country, and it stands to improve equity for kids and families in communities of color that have faced systemic barriers to employment with benefits. Qualifying parents must have worked at least two full days per week, or 820 hours, during 2019. 

If you’ve welcomed a new child into the home sometime in the past year, you already qualify for paid family leave. Starting in January, apply here.

We’re proud to have supported the 2017 legislation that authorized paid family leave, and we salute the advocates, lawmakers, and community leaders that made paid leave a fact of life for nearly every working Washington family.