Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Children’s Alliance endorses the APPROVE I-1000 / Referendum 88 Campaign

Adam 10/01/19

APPROVE Initiative 1000 / R 88

For more information: Paola Maranan, executive director, or Adam Hyla E. Holdorf, communications director.

Children’s Alliance is calling for an APPROVE vote on I-1000 / Referendum 88 this fall. Affirmative action is good for Washington’s kids and families.

Every child in Washington should have the opportunities they need to thrive. When the adults in kids’ lives can access good schools and good jobs, kids grow up with the economic security that positively impacts their overall well-being.

But too many families face enormous barriers to health, prosperity and a good education: barriers created by systemic racism.

So long as these barriers stand, we’ll see unacceptable outcomes for children of color. Barriers created by systemic racism result in a disproportionate share of Washington’s children of color facing adverse educational and health experiences—experiences that hold them back from fulfilling their vast potential.

Our state’s youngest generation—the Washingtonians, workers and taxpayers of the future—is also its most racially and ethnically diverse. To ensure our state’s prosperity tomorrow, we need great opportunities for the families raising the children of today.

Affirmative action is a key tool for improving the lives of all of Washington’s kids, and for addressing the multiple forms of discrimination, including racism, sexism and homophobia, that hold kids back.

Children’s Alliance urges a vote to APPROVE Initiative 1000 on the fall ballot. Initiative 1000 would allow affirmative action in education, employment and contracting decisions by public agencies across the state. State and local jurisdictions could foster brighter futures for kids through measures designed to create equal opportunity, weighing factors such as age, race/ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation when considering a person for employment or other opportunities. I-1000 bans quotas and preferential treatment, so that none of these factors may solely determine such opportunities.

I-1000 is a smart policy to help kids grow up strong.

To learn more about I-1000 and the APPROVE Referendum 88 campaign, go to

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