Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Apple Health for Kids turns 10

Adam 03/13/17

Ten years ago this week, something remarkable happened.

Governor Chris Gregoire signed Senate Bill 5093, the state Cover All Kids bill, creating Apple Health for Kids and beginning a new era in Washington children’s access to health care.

As a result, kids like Sarah McIntyre got health care, and parents like Vicky got an affordable way to pay for the life-preserving medicine that Sarah needed.

Today, families across our state have reason to celebrate. During the past decade we have seen the number of Washington children with health coverage rise to historic highs. Thirty-nine of every 40 kids in Washington now have health insurance. We have a ways to go to erase racial disparities in access to care; of the tens of thousands of kids who remain uninsured, a disproportionate number are children of color. That’s all the more reason to protect Apple Health for Kids. Ten years from now, we want to celebrate the Cover All Kids law’s second decade. That only happens if state and federal lawmakers keep it strong.

We are thrilled to celebrate the 10th birthday of the signing of the Cover All Kids law that created Apple Health for Kids. In coming months, we’ll be advocating actively to protect Washington’s unique form of coverage from being jeopardized by the actions of Congress and the White House.