Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

2021 Legislative Agenda

charlotte.linton 02/10/22

We believe in the potential of every child. The challenges of racism, recession and pandemic pose acute threats to our children’s future—but we can meet them, together.

Our legislative agenda seeks to protect kids, remove barriers and create opportunity—so that children and families withstand the worst of these times and emerge ready to thrive.

Early Learning

Protect, adopt and sustainably fund policies to support access to high quality, culturally relevant early learning, including birth-to-three, child care, and preschool.

Health Care for Kids and Families

Expand dental therapy to bring urgently needed oral health care to kids and families statewide.

Protect vital programs and safety net services to ensure children and families have access to whole-person health care.

Revenue to Invest in Kids

Close wasteful tax breaks and adopt new sources of revenue, including a capital gains tax or other dedicated revenue ideas.


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