Have a Heart for Kids Day 2020

Become an Organizational Member

At Children’s Alliance, we know our strength lies in membership; member-powered advocacy helps policymakers understand what’s at stake for kids and their families. And a broad, statewide membership is one way to show our policymakers that kids and families must be a public policy priority.

Here are 10 reasons to become a member and to encourage your colleagues in other organizations to join:


  1. We focus on ending disparities:
    We focus on improving outcomes for low income children and children of color. 
  2. We are a voice for kids in Olympia:
    Our only special interest is the wellbeing of children in Washington. 
  3. We Inform Advocates:
    We have a robust online advocacy system. We publish a blog, No Kidding!, and reports on how policies affect children and the organizations that serve them. Our information is timely, accurate, and easy to understand. 
  4. Discounted Advocacy Training:
    We provide discounted tuition to our renowned annual Advocacy Camp for staff and volunteers from member organizations. 
  5. We host lobbying Events:
    Have A Heart for Kids Day in Olympia and other lobby days for kids. 
  6. We support Coalitions:
    We are stronger together! The Children's Alliance supports several statewide coalitions that draw in more voices for kids. 
  7. Advocacy works!
    By joining us, you're connecting to one of the leading child advocacy groups in the nation and joining forces with our incredible array of member organizations. 
  8. Your Voice Matters!
    Children's Alliance members are eligible to serve on our Public Policy Council and Board of Directors. We regularly seek member advice and expertise on where to focus our energies for kids. 
  9. Policy matters!
    A ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote in Olympia makes a huge difference for children across our state. We support policies that benefit all kids. 
  10. 1,600,000 children in Washington need your voice. 

For additional information please contact Jon Gould. If you would like to pay for a membership online you are welcome to join today.