July, 2012

Legislators Awarded for Drawing the Future for Kids


ELAA Crayon Awards 2012

Over the next two months, 19 state legislators across Washington will receive Crayon Awards in recognition of their outstanding work in helping more children access early learning opportunities. The work these legislators did over the past two years has made a real difference in the lives of young children.

Kids in the News, July 25, 2012


In Washington state, deep food stamp cuts leave one Marshallese family in Spokane with a daily food budget of $1.20 per person, per meal. A new report finds that federal spending for children’s programs has declined for the first time in three decades, the labor movement supports same-sex marriage to support strong families, and an initiative to lock a two-thirds majority vote in the State Legislature will leave kids in the dust. In national news, a former U.S. surgeon general says the oral health crisis calls for a new licensed dental practitioner to expand the reach of quality care.

What health care reform means to Washingtonians


Many Children’s Alliance members know what the Affordable Care Act means for their families. Most regard the new law as a welcome change.

That’s what we’ve heard from the 68 people who answered our recent survey asking families to share “how you believe you are, or may be, affected by the Affordable Care Act."

Kids' nutrition at risk in House Farm Bill

One million people in Washington use the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to feed their families. Two out of every 3 households receiving assistance includes a child. Washington’s children are at great risk of hunger – an experience no child should go through.

Kids in the News, July 18, 2012


In White Center near West Seattle, a food bank shares how deep cuts to food stamps will worsen their struggle to feed hungry families. In other state news, a new report finds that child care for young children now costs more than college tuition, and policy analysts say that expanding Medicaid in Washington would lower state health care costs overall. In national news, families of color need food stamps amid hard times, and one congresswoman declares it’s time to invest more in kids for the future of our nation.

Kids in the News, July 11, 2012


In Washington state, a Farm Bill proposal cuts food stamps by $16 billion, affecting the two-thirds majority of Washington’s food stamp beneficiaries: children. In other state news, more affordable health coverage options will be available to more families, and health care for local tribal communities will improve as a result of the Affordable Care Act. A new report identifies opportunity and achievement gaps between children in immigrant families and their peers, and recommends culturally appropriate early education to fill the gap.

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Kids in the News, July 3, 2012


This month, tens of thousands of Washington’s families lose half their State Food Assistance, with Children’s Alliance standing by one hard-hit immigrant community in Spokane. Last week, a family in Mukilteo was relieved that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act; now their son can get the care he needs. In other news, an editorial writer praises the decision’s implications for Washington’s kids, and an in-depth report discusses what steps Washington took to improve access to health coverage for all families.