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Protegiendo el Programa de Apple Health for Kids

Apple Health for Kids es un seguro médico integral para los niños del Estado de Washington. 

Los tiempos económicos difíciles están impactando los presupuestos familiares y también el presupuesto estatal.  La gobernadora y los legisladores de nuestro estado tienen el trabajo de equilibrar el presupuesto estatal.

La gobernadora ha propuesto un recorte para Apple Health for Kids lo que significaría que quitaría la cobertura a 27,000 niños y los dejaría sin acceso a tener un seguro médico accesible. 

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Home Visiting Public-Private Matching Fund

In the 2010 legislative session, the legislature approved a new public-private matching fund for home visiting, called the Home Visiting Services Account. The Account was established in the budget which can be found here. The legislature started off the fund with $500,000 (which included $200,000 in new state funds), which will then be matched by Thrive by Five Washington, the state’s public-private partnership for early learning.

Early Learning Action Alliance Letter to Senator Murray on Elementary and Secondary Education Act

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act is major federal legislation that provides both funding and policy direction for public education. Reauthorization of the act presents an opportunity to advance early learning. The Early Learning Action Alliance sent a letter to U.S. Senator Murray outlining policy priorities.

Read ELAA's letter to Senator Murray outlining recommendations to advance early learning in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

Home Visiting, Health Care Reform, and what's next

Find out more about what federal health care reform means for home visiting. Lisa Guernsey from the New America Foundation posted this podcast on their blog, Early Ed Watch.

Find the post and listen to the podcast here:






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Early Learning Action Alliance Provides Analysis of 2010 Legislative Session: Budget, Pre-K Timeline and Session Review

These three documents from the Early Learning Action Alliance (ELAA) provide detailed review of key accomplishments in the 2010 WA state legislative session.

Early Learning Action Alliance 2010 Session Review

Provides a review of each ELAA priority and advocacy results. Includes information about  HB2731, SB 6759, HB 2867, and HB 3141.

Early Learning Action Alliance Budget Update - April 2010

Washington Child Nutrition Reauthorization Coalition's Message to Congress

One April 13th 2010 the Washington Child Nutrition Coalition came together to release a message to congress urging Congress to make a greater investment in the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act.

Click here to download a PDF of this message. 

For more information contact Linda Stone by phone (509) 844-1314 or
e-mail linda<at>childrensalliance<dot>org

Washington Child Nutrition Reauthorization Coalition Response to the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act

In April 2010 the United States Senate unanimously passed the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act completing one of the first steps in a long process of improving our national child nutrition programs.  The Washington Child Nutrition Reauthorization Coalition prepared a response to the new legislation, both applauding the bipartisan support for the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act and identifying key areas for improvement.

Apple Health for Kids: Outreach Works


Apple Health for Kids provides comprehensive and affordable health coverage for children in our state. The Senate’s budget proposal completely eliminates funding for outreach activities. The ability to leverage future federal performance bonuses, in the millions, relies on our ability to identify and enroll eligible children through successful outreach strategies.

Read about our state's highly effective Apple Health for Kids outreach efforts.