Have a Heart for Kids Day rally, 2015

Policy Papers & Issue Briefs

Hungry Children Need State Food Assistance

Every child needs access to good nutrition in order to learn, grow and thrive. But the number of hungry Washington households has nearly doubled since 2007. State Food Assistance ensures equal treatment of our state's hungry;eliminating SFA would further disrupt the lives of thousands of children – disproportionately children of color – all across the state.

Learn more about State Food Assistance.

Washington Dental Access Campaign

Washington’s health care leaders are looking for ways to increase access to care for more people while making care more affordable. Boosting the dental care workforce is identified locally and nationally as a necessary part of increasing access to oral health care.

The Washington Dental Access Campaign supports a workforce solution that meets the needs of our most vulnerable populations including children, seniors, low-income adults and people living with mobility issues. 

The State of Washington's Children

The State of Washington’s Children 2012 is a broad review of how Washington’s 1.5 million kids are faring in tough times. The report is issued by KIDS COUNT in Washington, a new partnership between Children’s Alliance and the Washington State Budget & Policy Center.

Read the report.

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