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Finding Home Visiting Services

Looking for home visiting services for your family or someone you know? Here are links to the evidence based programs in Washington State:

NFP site locator:


Early Head Start locator:


Parents as teachers locator:


Parent-Child Home Program site on Washington:



The latest tax proposals from the House, Senate and Governor Gregoire place many child and family programs on the chopping block. Child advocates, including the Children's Alliance, are urging lawmakers to consider the effects on business if child care funding for over 7,000 low-income families is cut. 

Jon Gould, deputy director of the Children's Alliance, says:

Working Connections Child Care Saves State Money

Parents count on Working Connections Child Care (WCCC) to help them cover the high cost of child care so they can go to work or job training.  If projected cuts to WCCC were put in place, in addition to harming stability and continuity of care for children, it would not result in cost savings. An estimated 25% of WCCC families (325 families) who lose their child care subsidy would be unable to work and would be forced turn to the support of TANF.

Read more about how Working Connections Child Care saves Washington Money

MEDIA RELEASE: Senate, house budgets raise much-needed revenue


Senate and House lawmakers have rightly proposed budgets that raise substantial new revenue to protect some of the vital services that are helping children and families weather this punishing recession. But more revenue is needed to prevent devastating cuts to safety-net programs that, if enacted, would hurt families and pose serious threats to our state’s economic recovery.

Race Matters Toolkit: Unequal Opportunities

The Annie E Casey Foundation has created a Race Matters Toolkit. The toolkit is designed to help decision-makers, advocates, and elected officials get better results in their work by providing equitable opportunities for all.

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Press Release: Governor's early learning veto a shock and disappointment

May 19, 2009—Governor Chris Gregoire today vetoed the section of the Basic Education Bill (House Bill 2261) that stated the intent to provide preschool for at-risk 3- and 4-year-olds as part of the state’s definition of basic education. As part of basic education preschool for this group would eventually have been funded on a per pupil basis in the same way K-12 education is funded.